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The PsyClinic
2400 Mid Ln #210, Houston, TX, United States

Based on Google Review

Great place to help you get through stressful situations, depression & anxiety, Actually just really thinking about it with a clearer mind they're the best around

Tom T.

I have just started but have found the staff and Dr. Ahmed very professional and accommodating. The only issues I've experienced is the online system not showing I submitted paperwork and having to go in person to film it out.

Ryan M.

So far so good. Had a hiccup with getting paperwork from the office but figured it out. He's the first psychiatrist interested in making me well enough to not need medication. Whether that happens or not I still appreciate the approach.

Nicole M.

I found Dr. Ahmed to be very friendly, understanding, and helpful. The few members of his staff that I have spoken with over the phone have all been kind and courteous.

Tifanie P.

My daughter has a great experience with the teledoc visits, it does help her alot she tells me with the doctors she speaks with.


Dr. Ahmed was very tentative to my concerns. Definitely recommend.

Veronica R.

Dr. Ahmed is amazing he listens and genuinely cares about your well being.


Very sweet doctor, really helped me understand my problems. Will definitely refer him to people from here on out.

Alexis B.

Gave me hope that I have a happy full future, unlike what I’ve always dealt with mentally/physically. There’s hope and I’m not giving up with the help of this place.

Taylor C.

Dr.Ahmed made us feel very comfortable. He really cares about his patients.

Sandra R.

Wonderful staff and absolutely no complaints on visits/sessions

Esteban A.

The PsyClinic
330 E Medical Center Blvd, Webster, TX 77598, United States

Based on Google Review

Dr. Ahmed came highly recommended to me by my therapist and I am so thankful I found him. He insists on talking to patients for their first visit and it felt like talking to a Dad. I liked him so much and felt so understood that my daughter and a good friend started seeing him as well. I had a horrible experience with a doctor before him and they had me all messed up on stimulants. Ahmed is the only one that actually listened to what was going on with me and worked on a plan to truly help me. I'm not sure why so many negative reviews, but I have to say, I truly had the best experience and cannot thank this Dr. enough.

Amber Watt

I was really nervous about meeting the Doctor virtually. I have struggled with ADHD for many years and not seen a doctor for it. Dr. Ahmed was very nice and very helpful with developing a specific plan that will meet my needs. I really liked him and liked the virtual visit as well. It was a lot better than expected. I want to thank my friend for the referral.

Caron C.

Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Beausiegnuer are excellent. Dr. Ahmed is very knowlegeable and listens to your concerns. Of course, he is busy and will join the call if he is worried. You will be in good hands with Dr. Beausiegnuer. Thank you for giving my life back! 🙂

Gavin J.

My experience with Dr Ahmed has always been excellent. He listens and gives me positive feedback always. His staff is great and I have never had problems with them. I have recommended Dr Ahmed to friends and family. He's the best!!!

Elma H.

i have been taking my son to dr Ahmed's office for 1 year now. My waiting times have been less than 30 minutes, and Dr ahmed is very caring,knowledgeable.I cannot say enough about how good this clinic is, and i refer all my patietns and friends and family to him. thank you dr AHmed!

Gulliana H.

Dr. Ahmed and his staff are fantastic. They're very accommodating and work diligently to help their patients. I'm incredibly thankful for the treatment I've received here!

Laura K.

Dr. Ahmed was wonderful. He truly listened to my concerns, helped me understand what's going on and has started me on a path to wellness. So grateful.

Suzy G.

Dr. Ahmed and staff are excellent! They helped me through a very difficult time, and I look forward to working with them to maintain my physical and psychological health!

Thomas K.

Dr. Ahmed takes very good care of my son and me. He’s very knowledgeable, understanding, and compassionate.

Jennifer P.

Best psychology facility in Texas Area.Would recommend bringing any family member including young children.Great people and has 2 locations.One in Webster and one in Baytown.Visit them and you will not be disappointed.

Michael L.