Sarah ElSadre, MD

Dr. Elsadre holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Cairo Medical School, Egypt, studied her Masters of Mental Health Counseling at Houston Baptist University and currently pursuing a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Elsadre is the director of clinical services at The Psyclinic, leading a team of more than 40 mental health providers and supporting staff.

Dr. Elsadre implements medical ethics and quality standard protocols and develops strategies to promote and adapt them to daily clinic operations. Created several successful mental health programs such as the” You are beautiful” program to help depressed Females beat depression, maintain a healthy weight, and restore their image, Camp I CAN mentor kids with learning difficulties and ADHD FROM A 2 Z to help educate parents and provide them with many resources raising successful ADD kids.

Published a mental health wellness magazine (Concur) in 2015 to fight mental illness stigma spread awareness, and educate the public about common mental health issues.

Received the highest top-ranking training and certification from the TMS developer (Neurostar) and established a Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation program named TREAT & DEFEAT- at the Psyclinic. The program achieved top ratings in Texas and regionally throughout the Southeast of the US through efficacy, excellence, quality of care, and treatment outcome remission scores.

    • CEO, TMS Medical Director