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Psychiatry office in Houston, offers ADHD,Bipolar Disorder,TMS Therapy, Anxiety And Depression Treatment, Best telehealth services for Mental health care professional in Houston.

The goal of board-certified adult and child psychiatrist Mohamed S. Ahmed, MD, and the team at The PsyClinic, is to provide high-quality psychiatric care to men, women, and families living in and around River Oaks, Webster, and Baytown, Texas, and throughout Harris county in the Houston Metropolitan Area.
At The PsyClinic, Dr. Ahmed and the team believe that psychotherapy is essential in treating most psychiatric disorders and that medication alone is not the answer. Dr. Ahmed takes a holistic approach to psychiatry, using clinically proven techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).
Each new patient at The PsyClinic undergoes a thorough and detailed initial psychiatric evaluation. After gathering all the necessary information, Dr. Ahmed creates a custom-tailored treatment plan that eases uncomfortable symptoms while improving his patient’s quality of life.
Dr. Ahmed diagnoses and treats various common psychiatric disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, and depression. He also specializes in adolescent psychiatry.
To receive the best, most comprehensive, holistic, integrative psychiatric care, partner with Dr. Ahmed and the team at The PsyClinic. Request an appointment today by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool.
Psychiatry office in Houston,
Our Testimonials

What Our Patients Say

Great place to help you get through stressful situations, depression & anxiety, Actually just really thinking about it with a clearer mind they're the best around

Tom T.

I have just started but have found the staff and Dr. Ahmed very professional and accommodating. The only issues I've experienced is the online system not showing I submitted paperwork and having to go in person to film it out.

Ryan M.

So far so good. Had a hiccup with getting paperwork from the office but figured it out. He's the first psychiatrist interested in making me well enough to not need medication. Whether that happens or not I still appreciate the approach.

Nicole M.

I found Dr. Ahmed to be very friendly, understanding, and helpful. The few members of his staff that I have spoken with over the phone have all been kind and courteous.

Tifanie P.

My daughter has a great experience with the teledoc visits, it does help her alot she tells me with the doctors she speaks with.


Dr. Ahmed was very tentative to my concerns. Definitely recommend.

Veronica R.

Dr. Ahmed is amazing he listens and genuinely cares about your well being.


Very sweet doctor, really helped me understand my problems. Will definitely refer him to people from here on out.

Alexis B.

Gave me hope that I have a happy full future, unlike what I’ve always dealt with mentally/physically. There’s hope and I’m not giving up with the help of this place.

Taylor C.

Dr.Ahmed made us feel very comfortable. He really cares about his patients.

Sandra R.

Wonderful staff and absolutely no complaints on visits/sessions

Esteban A.