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Psyclinic Change Magazine Janes_story.pdf
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Psyclinic Change Magazine Melba's_story.pdf
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Psyclinic Change Magazine_ Jan's story
Jan is a hospice nurse, and before that worked as an R.N. in a hospital emergency room and as a flight nurse. Though her patients were near death and dying, Jan always kept a smile on her face and lifted the spirits of those around her.
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Psyclinic Change Magazine_ Jennifer's story
Jennifer says she would like others to know that there is a new option for depression. You dont have to live with it the rest of your life. Depression is terrifying. So no matter how you are trying to deal with it with medication, alcohol, or you are a workaholic or non-functional, consider TMS Therapy.
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Psyclinic Change Magazine_Lucy's story
Even my grandchildren see a new me.They came over the other day and said, Grandma you are feeling better! I am 73 years young and I have a lot of life to live.
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Psyclinic Change Magazine_Stacey's story
I am sharing my story because I want everyone to know about TMS. Too many people are suffering with depression and there are too many tragedies because of it.
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Psyclinic Change Magazine_Tammy's story
I feel like I am a stronger person now, she says. I am sharing my personal story because I really feel that God has put me through this battle so that I can help others.
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Q & A by Dr. A
Living with depression is never easy, but it can become especially challenging during the holidays. Navigating crowded stores, attending events with family and friends, entertaining at your home all of these add stress to your normal routine. Both expectation and emotions are elevated and can become overwhelming.
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Psyclinic as featured in the Space City kids magazine
As with any other mental health issue, Dr. Ahmed is never in a hurry to put a child on medication. He works hard to find the right treatment plan. Medication is always a last resort.
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